PicsArt tutorial #1 – How to Change background

So now lets learn how to change background in PicsArt. I’ve already previewed this app, if you haven’t read it, you can check it out here PicsArt preview.

Step: 1

Choose the image of which you don’t like the background or wanna change it. I’ve chosen Hayley Williams for this. You can choose any image you want.


Step: 2

Now choose a background for your image. I’ve chose this green, white background.


Step: 3

Now open PicsArt and go to Tools >Free crop. Now using you finger, choose the area of the image you want to move to another image.

If you want your selection to be sharp and clear enough, then i’d advice you to zoom the image as much as possible.

You can travel around the image using your two fingers together.

Note: the area which you are selecting gets marked light red.


Step: 4

Now save it as clip art by tapping on “Save Clip art ” present on right top of the image.

Step: 5

Open the background image and Go to Clipart>My clipart and select your image.

Now drag the clipart anywhere in the image and save.

imageThat’s it, now you’ve got a beautiful background for your image. You can also use a stylus pen for this project, cause selection with your finger might be tricky. You can check out these sample photos below:





See how easy it is .. But you need to be sharp !

That’s all for now. I hope u guyz liked it. And if you have any questions, you can comment below and I’ll definitely check those out. Thanks !!!

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PicsArt is one of the most advanced photo editing App for mobile platforms  . Obviously its Free . Though it might be difficult to use for some peoples , but once you get into it , it’s not gonna disappoint you . On this tutorial I’ll review the app and also teach you how to use the tools .

Starting PicsArt
You’ll almost feel like its a windows app , it has colourful tiles like windows phone . As you can see there’s options like Effect, Camera , collage, Draw and Photo . Theres shop also for downloading extra tools . To start off editing , you can take a new photo using Camera Option or you can select photos from gallery by clicking on Photos option .


Working on PicsArt
Starting off with the Tool option . It has Advanced features like Clone , Free crop , Shape crop , Motion , Stretch, Resize etc.
(1) Clone – you can clone the part of the desired image , like Adobe Photoshop. To clone an image , First Tap on the clone option then select a part of the image . Then touch & press the part of the image and drag it to any side you want . Now You have two Faces in place of one . Lol


(2)Free crop – With this tool you can crop the desired part of the image instead of having Squares or rectangles . For example:- You Have a photo of your own , but you don’t like the background , Then you can use this tool to free crop yourself and then Save it as Clipart . Then open the image where you wanna be , with a cool background . Then click on clipart menu and select your cropped image and drag it where ever you want it to be . If you wanna learn how to change background using PicsArt , you can check out my tutorial How to Change Background

(3)Shape Crop – It Gives you lots of shapes to crop an image . Like stars , Sun , Galaxy , Triangle etc . To use shape crop , Click on shape crop icon and select the type of shape you want to crop with .

(4)Motion – This tool allows you to add special effects on your image . For Example:- You have a Football players photo of kicking the ball . You can add motion on his leg to make it look cool  .
To use motion tool – Click on that motion icon (you’ll see 3 balls lined together ) and select a portion of the image , And drag to it to any side you want  . You’ll have a nice effect on  your image .

(5) Stretch – This tool allows you to stretch your images , resulting in funny photos . There are lots of styles of Stretch Tool which includes Warp, Swirl , Squeeze etc.
To use Stretch tool – Click on squeeze tool icon and select the type of stretch you wanna apply to your images . Then tap on any part of the image and see it getting stretched .


Effects – There’s lots of effects available, it gives your photo a new life . It makes your photos look detailed with a wide range of effects to apply on. PicsArt has amazing effects including FX , Blur , Artistic , Paper , Distort etc.
There’s Corrections also  , including Red eye , Colour eye , Blemish fix etc.


Mask – It is a type of layer for your images , PicsArt calls it MASK  . It also has lots of layers to apply on your images .


Now moving on to DRAW , This is what i like the most . It’s feature packed Tools allow you to doodle , sketch or even create your own masterpiece ! . There are lots of drawing tools , brushes , Text’s etc. But it might be difficult to use  . So I’ll write down the names of the tools and its uses (I’ve marked red so that it becomes easy for you to understand the tools )


Toolbars (portions marked red )
1. First icon represents the colour of the brush or texts .
2. Second tool is the Size , shape , radius , opacity etc. of the brush or eraser.
3. That word “A” goes for texts , you can select your own style.
4. That triangle icon is the shapes , you can use it for your drawings . There are lots of shapes .
5. This is the image + icon , you can add additional images on top of your existing image .
6. Camera icon , It lets you create a camera frame under your images . To use this tool – First click on the icon and then paint a portion of the image (using brush tool ) . That painted part becomes your camera frame .


Now on 7th is the Layers icon . This tool will allow you to add upto 7 more layers on top of your image . It’s a good Tool for designers and artists who likes drawing but a different way .
Below are the tools and its names ( Area which are marked)

1.That bucket applys a colour which u pick on the whole image .


2.Brush icon selects drawing .


3.Eraser icon is used for erasing . You can also choose the size/shape of the eraser .


4. Move tool . You can move the image or zoomin/zoomout by pinching the screen.


5. (+) sign . it is used to add an empty layer or an image on top of the original image .


6. (-) Sign . It is used to reduce or delete the layers .


7. IT is used for coping the same layer .


8. It is used to delete the existing layers .


9.That eye icon is used for displaying the current layer or even shut down the layer .


10. When all of your work is done , you might wanna save it .


There Are lots of stickers also available for use . It has all the necessary tools for making the best photo among others .
PicsArt is one of my best App . It has great tools for drawings , editing etc.
You can also share your images to PicsArt community by signing in using your facebook Acc. Or you can also sign up for PicsArt.
Though its a powerful app , but every app has a disadvantage . below are some positive (+) and some negative (-) points .

Positive (+)
1. Great for drawings
2. Has all the necessary tools
3. It has great effects and stickers
4. You can ” free crop ”

Negative (-)
1. It might be difficult for some peoples to understand the tools

That’s it ! Hope you guyz enjoyed it . don’t forget to comment,  if you have any question or doubt regarding PicsArt , feel free to ask .
Hope this was useful ,,

Tutorial by John Daimary

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