How to send Blank Messages On Facebook

These days there are lots of peoples who keeps on irritating . It might be “Real Life ” or even “Facebook” . They just keep on asking the same questions again and again … Do you wanna get “Rid” of them?  Do you wanna irritate them too? Well don’t worry , I’ll teach you how .  When someone sends you stupid messages , it’s not just enough to keep them “seen” without replying . Why not Reply them blank?

Do you wanna irritate your friends ? Do you wanna have some fun ? Just follow the steps …

Mobile Devices
To send a blank message through mobile devices , Follow these steps :-
1- Type this code :- ”  @[2: ]  ”
2- Click send or reply .


There you have it . You’ve just sent a blank message .
Note- This types of code doesn’t work on “Apps ” . You’ll have to use “Browser” .

Windows PC
To send a blank message through windows PC , follow these steps :-
1- Press and hold “Alt key ” along with ” 0173 “. That’s ” Alt + 0173 ” .


2- Press ” Enter ” key or click send.

Note- The reason why These Codes appear to be blank is that , This type of codes are not Accepted by Facebook . For example , Let’s say you’ve typed ” 🙂 ” . This will give you an output of a smiley .

Enjoy guyz ..

Tutorial by John Daimary

John Daimary


PicsArt tutorial #1 – How to Change background

So now lets learn how to change background in PicsArt . I’ve already  previewed this app , if you haven’t read it , you can check it out here PicsArt preview .

Step – 1

Choose the image of which you don’t like the background or wanna change it . I’ve chosen Hayley Williams for this . You can choose any image you want.


Step – 2

Now choose a background for your image . I’ve chose this green, white background .


Step – 3

Now open PicsArt and go to Tools >Free crop . Now using you finger , choose the area of the image you want to move to another image . If you want it to be sharp and clear enough , then I’d suggest you to Zoom the Image as much as possible . and to move the image , you’ll have to use your two fingers together .
Note- the area which you are selecting gets marked light red  .


Step – 4

Now save it as clip art by tapping  on “Save Clip art ” present on right top of the image.

Step – 5

Open the background image and Go to Clipart > My clipart and select your Clipart .Now drag the clipart anywhere in the image And save it .

Enter a caption

That’s it , now you’ve got a beautiful background for your image . I’d suggest you to use a stylus pen for it , cause selection with your finger might be tricky . You can check these sample photos below …





See how easy it is .. But you need to be sharp !

That’s all for now .  I hope u guyz liked it , And if you have any questions, you can comment below and I’ll definitely check those out . Thanks !!!

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