Hey guyz ,,, welcome to my Videoder review !! Its been a long time looking for a video downloader . Mostly to download videos from youtube  but due to the YouTube restrictions , its very hard to find an app which would be enough to download almost all videos from YouTube . So finally i found this app know as “Videoder”. Sounds cool right ? Well lets see how cool it is in reality  .


Interface – There’s nothing really special about the interface here  . Simple search bar , download manager etc .


Download – Since its a video downloader and it mostly focuses on YouTube . So it needs to deliver the performance you need . You can mostly download all videos from YouTube and the best thing is that it supports “Background downloads” . This is very useful feature especially when your downloading Heavy size files ..
You can download videos of upto HD (720) pixels . For mobiles its more than enough .


Download Manager – Its really simple here too… A basic control over your videos and it really is smooth in operations. And it does support multiple downloads once at a time .

Verdict – Videoder is simply one of the best downloaders available and the best thing is that its free !! With support of HD downloads, ability to download multiple videos , Background downloads its easy to recommend to anyone who wants to download high quality videos from YouTube . You may visit Play store now to download Videoder for free , but nothing is perfect either . It does have its own downsides ,so what are those ? Lets have a look at its pros and cons-

Pros – * very easy to use
           * Supports HD downloads
            * Support multiple downloads
            * Support background downloads

Cons- * Displays Ads
            * Stops working after some time
            * No full HD ,neither 4K downloads

SketchbookX – Express

Hello there !! To all those who love drawing on their smartphones , You’re gonna love this app . It’s free ,quick &  Easy to use . It does have all the necessary drawing tools like Brushes ,colours etc. Let me break it down  , so that you continue to draw “Hassel free” .

Starting sketchBookX- Express


Its the mighty AutoDesk !! I don’t need to tell you how advanced AutoDesk is . From Animation to blending , To VFX everywhere AutoDesk keeps up their Powerful softwares  !!

Working on sketchbookX-Express


Ahh , it’s a bit messy for the first time users . Don’t worry ,It’s not that difficult to use this app . First of all , There’s a Little circle type button on bottom centre of the screen . when you tap on it , it opens a set of useful and unique tools to get your work going . See the image above , it shows you all the tools available . That big circle is the controller for the tools your using . for example – Brush , Eraser .
When you tap on the centre of the circle and swipe Rightwards , It increases the “Size ” and when you swipe it leftwards , It decreases the “Size ” . Just the same principal , Swiping downwards will decrease the “Opacity” and swiping it upwards will increase the value .
At the same time you’ll notice that there’s three more tools popping out  . Two at the top and one at the Right  side . That first one with the icon having a blank white paper along with a blue colour is the Complete “eraser” . It’ll erase the whole drawing and result into a blank page . The second one is the “move tool ” and the one ,on the right side is the “Colour picker” . When you tap on it , A circle appears  , Move the circle to the place of which you want the colour to be used and the colour of your brush will turn into the one , chosen by you .

Moving on to Toolbar . You’ll find options to save your drawings , Choose your brushes , Change the brush colour etc . You can even add 3 more layers for a better drawing experience By tapping at the right corner icon having 3 sheets together. you can import or take a quick snap too .


Then you’ll want to save your masterpiece by tapping on the left top corner . That icon with four blocks .

Isn’t that simple ? We’ll don’t you feel like getting your hands on this Useful drawing app ? You want to? Just Visit Google play store and download this Amazing app and start drawing !! Good luck !! , i hope this was helpful .
Thanks for reading ……
Tutorial by John Daimary


AutoDesk’s Pixlr-O-Matic is a Quick & Easy Photo retouching app . It allows you to add lots of layers & Filters to make your Photographs look Incredible !! So , let me not waste my time and teach you how to use This amazing app. For other photo editing app’s Click here

Starting Pixlr-O-Matic

Starting pixlr-O-Matic

As you can see , the UI is pretty simple. To begin , just take a quick snap or choose a photo from your Gallery .

Working on pixlr-O-Matic


The first thing you’re gonna notice is the “Filters & Effects ” yes . This app Really features lots of effects . Just swipe to left and select any type of filter you wanna apply . It also has lots of “Frames” . On top of the Screen , you’ll see zig zag patterned icon . That’s the “Crop tool”  , Just tap on it to start cropping . And on the right side , there are two icons (options ) . First one is the “Store” , You can download lots of filters & effects for free . Second is the “Shuffle” option , When you tap on it, your photo Will automatically turn into a masterpiece! It combines all the frames +effects to give you the best image possible.


Thanks for reading guyz !! I really appreciate it .
Tutorial by John Daimary

How to send Blank Messages On Facebook

These days there are lots of peoples who keeps on irritating . It might be “Real Life ” or even “Facebook” . They just keep on asking the same questions again and again … Do you wanna get “Rid” of them?  Do you wanna irritate them too? Well don’t worry , I’ll teach you how .  When someone sends you stupid messages , it’s not just enough to keep them “seen” without replying . Why not Reply them blank?

Do you wanna irritate your friends ? Do you wanna have some fun ? Just follow the steps …

Mobile Devices
To send a blank message through mobile devices , Follow these steps :-
1- Type this code :- ”  @[2: ]  ”
2- Click send or reply .

Mobile Blank message

There you have it . You’ve just sent a blank message .
Note- This types of code doesn’t work on “Apps ” . You’ll have to use “Browser” .

Windows PC
To send a blank message through windows PC , follow these steps :-
1- Press and hold “Alt key ” along with ” 0173 “. That’s ” Alt + 0173 ” .

Alternate Key

2- Press ” Enter ” key or click send.

Note- The reason why These Codes appear to be blank is that , This type of codes are not Accepted by Facebook . For example , Let’s say you’ve typed ” 🙂 ” . This will give you an output of a smiley .

Enjoy guyz ..

Tutorial by John Daimary

John Daimary

Perfect365 For Android


Okay , Now everyone in this world wants to look pretty , Handsome , beautiful . Don’t You ? But not everyone has that . Every second , one uploads their beautiful photographs to Social Networking sites . Don’t u feel jealous seeing their beautiful faces ? Don’t you feel like ” I wished i had that type of face ” ?.  Well don’t worry , Just take time to download ” Perfect 365 ” From play store . This app will let you do all the necessary editing you need to make your photo the best one  . It has lots of adjustments . So , Let’s see what it has got for you  ..

Starting Perfect 365


UI is pretty simple . u can either take an instant photo or just pick one from gallery .
(1) Sample – it has 6 sample photos ( 2 boys & 4 girls ) for you. You can practice your skills on them  .To start off , just choose a sample photo and adjust the key points .

(2) Take Photo – Say Click !! Take a pic ! 

(3) Photo Gallery – You can choose your photographs From your gallery . Just make sure to select a photo , where your face is clear enough so that you can adjust the key points .

(4) My Favourites – The pictures which you save it as Favourites , appears on My favourites . While editing , if you want to add any image to favourite , Just tap on The ♥+ icon on the left top .

(5) Perfect 365 Shop – You can upgrade your app by visiting the store . By default , You can’t save your images more than ” 1 Mega Pixel ” . After Upgrading your app , the number of mega pixel increases upto 16 . So u can have a large sized photos of you .

(6) Rate this app – If you love this app , you can rate it 5 star by visiting ” play store” .

Working on perfect 365
Just click a photo or choose a sample photo to start . Then your photo will be scanned and your face will appear shortly . Then you’ll have to adjust the key points by looking at the right top sample photo. Just tap on a key to move it to the place where it belongs . When you tap on a key , The right photo sample gets a “Red ” coloured key . It shows the Right place where your key needs to be .


There you have it . Now you can beautify your photo .


Now that your adjustments are done , You are now ready to roll !! Just tap on the “edit ” option to use the tools .
(1) Key Points – You can go back to the previous page if you wanna adjust your keys .

(2) Hot Styles -You can add lots of makeup styles like the “Halloween” And all . This is specially for girls .

(3) Skin – You can remove your dark circles ,  Blemishes ,Add brightness , soften your face ,Blush , and add foundation . Just tap on the options and set the number of  amount you want to add .

(4) Face – Through this option , you can slim your face , lift up your cheeks and enhance your Nose .

(5) Eyes – You can add Liners , Adjust your eye colour , Darken your eyebrows and lashes .You can add shadows , Brighten & enlarge your eyes .

(6) Mouth – If you wanna deepen your eye , you can use this tool . Or if you wanna Whiten your teeth . You can even add lipstick for your lips ( This is for Ladies ) . Just pick up your colour and adjust the amount .
To save the photo , tap on the “Floppy disc” shaped icon present on the right top corner .

B/A – This refers to before/After .  you can go back in time to see how your face looked like and then return back to present .

Note – If your tools and adjustments are not working the way it should do , Just go back to the place where you were setting up your “keys” .  And adjust every single key the way it has been shown on the sample photo . This app is the Android version .

Yeah!! It does have lots of features to beautify our faces but you need to upgrade to export your images in more then just 1 Mega Pixels . Here are some pros and cons :-
Pros –
(1) It has lots of useful tools & adjustments  .
(2) great App for both boys & Girls
(3) Has Wide Range of “Styles” .

Cons –
(1) It’s limited to just 1 Mega Pixels .
(2) Need to Buy a pro version to export more then 1 mega pixels .

That’s it  , It’s all for now . Hope you guyz got something out of it . If you need any help or tutorial , Feel free to share your needs regarding the app . If you have any questions , Feel free to ask . Thank You and Stay Tuned ..

Review by John Daimary .

PicsArt tutorial #1 – How to Change background


So now lets learn how to change background in PicsArt . I’ve already  reviewed this app , if you haven’t read it , you can check it out here PicsArt review .

Step – 1
Choose the image of which you don’t like the background or wanna change it . I’ve chosen Hayley Williams for this . You can choose any image you want.


Step – 2
Now choose a background for your image . I’ve chose this green, white background .


Step – 3
Now open PicsArt and go to Tools >Free crop . Now using you finger , choose the area of the image you want to move to another image . If you want it to be sharp and clear enough , then I’d suggest you to Zoom the Image as much as possible . and to move the image , you’ll have to use your two fingers together .
Note- the area which you are selecting gets marked light red  .


Step – 4
Now save it as clip art by tapping  on “Save Clip art ” present on right top of the image.

Step – 5
Open the background image and Go to Clipart > My clipart and select your Clipart .Now drag the clipart anywhere in the image And save it .


That’s it , now you’ve got a beautiful background for your image . I’d suggest you to use a stylus pen for it , cause selection with your finger might be tricky . You can check these sample photos below …





See how easy it is .. But you need to be sharp !

That’s all for now .  I hope u guyz liked it , And if you have any questions, you can comment below and I’ll definitely check those out . Thanks !!!

Tutorial by John Daimary

Viva Video – Video Editor


Viva Video is a mobile video editor which has great features and it’s Free of cost ! You can have a great video editor in your pockets wherever you go . This review is for  the Android version , Downloaded from Play Store .  Let’s see what it’s capable of –

Starting Viva Video

Starting Viva video


You can capture , Add multiple photos and turn it into a movie , And Edit Videos professionally
but in a simple and easy way . All your videos that are completed goes to my studio .

Working on Viva Video


It has simple and easy user interface . To start off editing , Just click on pro edit and import your videos from gallery.
Add clip – You can add lots of clips from your gallery . Just click on add clip icon and select a video and trim it . Note- All clips must not be more then 5 minutes .
Edit Clip – You can edit your clips manually to get the perfect clip . you can add slow motion , copy , split and delete selected clips. 
Theme – This applies a theme on your videos before it is played   .There are lots of themes and you can also download additional themes for free .
Fx – This applies a special effect on your clips . Like Blast , Thunderbolt , Flappy bird , Love , kiss , Angel etc . You can download more FX too.
Filter – You can add filters on your videos using this tool . Some filters are Rain , Blossom , Cloudy etc.
Transition – Transition refers to the style of the way a clip ends and a new clip starts . As usual , there are lots of transition available to use and more transitions can be downloaded too.
Title – You can add texts on your videos displaying your movie name , Editor , Voices by or just your names to keep it as a memory . There are styles like love , Cloud etc . You can enlarge your texts by pinching out and the color of the text can be changed too .
Music – You can add Music on your videos too . There are only 5 music’s available To use  But fortunately you can select unlimited music from your gallery .
Dub – You can record your voices while the video is playing . This is great for uploading tutorials or just having fun .

Saving and Sharing the file


On top of the editing page , you’ll see a share button to save your videos to gallery or directly upload it on YouTube , Facebook or Email it . Exporting takes time …

This is a good video editing app , and it does have lots of features . Lots of filters are also available . I personally use this video editor to edit my homemade videos and it gives a good result . This App is very useful and easy to use .
Below are some positive (+) and negative (-) points –

Positive (+)
1. Its quick and very easy to use
2. Has all the useful features
3. It’s free of cost

Negative (-)
1. It has only 5 pre-installed musics
2. It leaves a watermark on right bottom of the video .

That’s it !! Hope you guyz got something out of it . If you did , then don’t forget to like and share . And if you have any questions or doubts , Feel free to comment . Hope you guyz liked it ! Thank you !

Tutorial By John Daimary



PicsArt is one of the most advanced photo editing App for mobile platforms  . Obviously its Free . Though it might be difficult to use for some peoples , but once you get into it , it’s not gonna disappoint you . On this tutorial I’ll review the app and also teach you how to use the tools .

Starting PicsArt
You’ll almost feel like its a windows app , it has colourful tiles like windows phone . As you can see there’s options like Effect, Camera , collage, Draw and Photo . Theres shop also for downloading extra tools . To start off editing , you can take a new photo using Camera Option or you can select photos from gallery by clicking on Photos option .


Working on PicsArt
Starting off with the Tool option . It has Advanced features like Clone , Free crop , Shape crop , Motion , Stretch, Resize etc.
(1) Clone – you can clone the part of the desired image , like Adobe Photoshop. To clone an image , First Tap on the clone option then select a part of the image . Then touch & press the part of the image and drag it to any side you want . Now You have two Faces in place of one . Lol


(2)Free crop – With this tool you can crop the desired part of the image instead of having Squares or rectangles . For example:- You Have a photo of your own , but you don’t like the background , Then you can use this tool to free crop yourself and then Save it as Clipart . Then open the image where you wanna be , with a cool background . Then click on clipart menu and select your cropped image and drag it where ever you want it to be . If you wanna learn how to change background using PicsArt , you can check out my tutorial How to Change Background

(3)Shape Crop – It Gives you lots of shapes to crop an image . Like stars , Sun , Galaxy , Triangle etc . To use shape crop , Click on shape crop icon and select the type of shape you want to crop with .

(4)Motion – This tool allows you to add special effects on your image . For Example:- You have a Football players photo of kicking the ball . You can add motion on his leg to make it look cool  .
To use motion tool – Click on that motion icon (you’ll see 3 balls lined together ) and select a portion of the image , And drag to it to any side you want  . You’ll have a nice effect on  your image .

(5) Stretch – This tool allows you to stretch your images , resulting in funny photos . There are lots of styles of Stretch Tool which includes Warp, Swirl , Squeeze etc.
To use Stretch tool – Click on squeeze tool icon and select the type of stretch you wanna apply to your images . Then tap on any part of the image and see it getting stretched .


Effects – There’s lots of effects available, it gives your photo a new life . It makes your photos look detailed with a wide range of effects to apply on. PicsArt has amazing effects including FX , Blur , Artistic , Paper , Distort etc.
There’s Corrections also  , including Red eye , Colour eye , Blemish fix etc.


Mask – It is a type of layer for your images , PicsArt calls it MASK  . It also has lots of layers to apply on your images .


Now moving on to DRAW , This is what i like the most . It’s feature packed Tools allow you to doodle , sketch or even create your own masterpiece ! . There are lots of drawing tools , brushes , Text’s etc. But it might be difficult to use  . So I’ll write down the names of the tools and its uses (I’ve marked red so that it becomes easy for you to understand the tools )


Toolbars (portions marked red )
1. First icon represents the colour of the brush or texts .
2. Second tool is the Size , shape , radius , opacity etc. of the brush or eraser.
3. That word “A” goes for texts , you can select your own style.
4. That triangle icon is the shapes , you can use it for your drawings . There are lots of shapes .
5. This is the image + icon , you can add additional images on top of your existing image .
6. Camera icon , It lets you create a camera frame under your images . To use this tool – First click on the icon and then paint a portion of the image (using brush tool ) . That painted part becomes your camera frame .


Now on 7th is the Layers icon . This tool will allow you to add upto 7 more layers on top of your image . It’s a good Tool for designers and artists who likes drawing but a different way .
Below are the tools and its names ( Area which are marked)

1.That bucket applys a colour which u pick on the whole image .


2.Brush icon selects drawing .


3.Eraser icon is used for erasing . You can also choose the size/shape of the eraser .


4. Move tool . You can move the image or zoomin/zoomout by pinching the screen.


5. (+) sign . it is used to add an empty layer or an image on top of the original image .


6. (-) Sign . It is used to reduce or delete the layers .


7. IT is used for coping the same layer .


8. It is used to delete the existing layers .


9.That eye icon is used for displaying the current layer or even shut down the layer .


10. When all of your work is done , you might wanna save it .


There Are lots of stickers also available for use . It has all the necessary tools for making the best photo among others .
PicsArt is one of my best App . It has great tools for drawings , editing etc.
You can also share your images to PicsArt community by signing in using your facebook Acc. Or you can also sign up for PicsArt.
Though its a powerful app , but every app has a disadvantage . below are some positive (+) and some negative (-) points .

Positive (+)
1. Great for drawings
2. Has all the necessary tools
3. It has great effects and stickers
4. You can ” free crop ”

Negative (-)
1. It might be difficult for some peoples to understand the tools

That’s it ! Hope you guyz enjoyed it . don’t forget to comment,  if you have any question or doubt regarding PicsArt , feel free to ask .
Hope this was useful ,,

Tutorial by John Daimary

Pixlr Express

Pixlr express is a mobile photo editing app by AutoDesk . It’s quick , and useful for daily snaps . It has lots of texts and filters , So lets begin .

Starting Pixlr Express
As you can see there are options like camera , Photos , Collage and below that you’ll find a circular window displaying fresh phots , Which means when you click a new pic , it gets displayed directly . So it becomes easy & fast to access .


Working on Pixlr Express
Lets start off with the tools . There are lots of useful tools including crop , red eye , heal , contrast, auto fix etc. Below the photo you’ll find the toolbox :
(1) Adjustments – when you click on it , it pops up .it includes tools like crop , red eye, heal , auto fix ,Doodle, brighten , saturation , sharpen , rotate   , smoothing etc.


(2) Effects- like i said , there are lots of effects available for download . There’s also a default effect , which has 25 pre-installed effects . There are 6 more effects sets which can be downloaded for free .

(3) Overlay – Overlay is almost a type of layer for your images , and it does feel like a layer . Whatever , moving on to overlay  , there are 19 Amazing overlays sets including smoke , paper , space etc. that’s great for photo editors . Out of 19 , there’s a default overlay , which has 30 preinstalled overlays . The rest you have to download it.

(4) Borders – You can also add borders for your images ,and it also has 30 preinstalled borders .
There’s 9 more additional sets which can be downloaded as well.

(5) Type – You can also add cool texts to your photos . The default set has 7 text styles , You can download additional 7 sets which has great styles.
You can also change the colour of your texts by clicking on colour option .


(6) Stickers – It also has Stickers (Clip art) but it doesn’t have a default sticker set , So you’ll have to download if you wanna use . There’s 14 sets which can be downloaded.

After editing your photos , you can save it as .PNG or . JPEG format .



You can even doodle if you want . You can use a stylus pen or you can doodle using your fingers too . But fingers aren’t pointed .
The feature which i like about Pixlr Express is that it has an undo/redo option which can be used several times  .  There’s also other photo editing apps which has more features than Pixlr Express .

Below are some positive (+) , negative (-) points :

Positive (+)
1. Its fast , easy and useful app for daily activities.
2. It has a lot number of Overlays, Effects and Stickers too .
3. It has great Fonts .
4. Its Free

Negative (-)
1. Its doesn’t have much professional features .
2. Most of the effects and other overlays needed isn’t pre installed , you’ll have to download it additionally .
3.Its default Fonts are BASIC.
4. Doodle on this app is very difficult.

That’s it , hope you guyz enjoyed it. If you have some questions or doubts feel free to ask… You can comment below and I’ll definitely check those out. Thank you  !!!

Tutorial by John Daimary