Hey guyz ,,, welcome to my Videoder review !! Its been a long time looking for a video downloader . Mostly to download videos from youtube  but due to the YouTube restrictions , its very hard to find an app which would be enough to download almost all videos from YouTube . So finally i found this app know as “Videoder”. Sounds cool right ? Well lets see how cool it is in reality  .

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Interface – There’s nothing really special about the interface here  . Simple search bar , download manager etc .


Download – Since its a video downloader and it mostly focuses on YouTube . So it needs to deliver the performance you need . You can mostly download all videos from YouTube and the best thing is that it supports “Background downloads” . This is very useful feature especially when your downloading Heavy size files ..
You can download videos of upto HD (720) pixels . For mobiles its more than enough .


Download Manager – Its really simple here too… A basic control over your videos and it really is smooth in operations. And it does support multiple downloads once at a time .

Verdict – Videoder is simply one of the best downloaders available and the best thing is that its free !! With support of HD downloads, ability to download multiple videos , Background downloads its easy to recommend to anyone who wants to download high quality videos from YouTube . You may visit Play store now to download Videoder for free , but nothing is perfect either . It does have its own downsides ,so what are those ? Lets have a look at its pros and cons-

Pros – * very easy to use
* Supports HD downloads
* Support multiple downloads
* Support background downloads

Cons- * Displays Ads
* Stops working after some time
* No full HD ,neither 4K downloads


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