SketchbookX – Express

Hello there !! To all those who love drawing on their smartphones , You’re gonna love this app . It’s free ,quick &  Easy to use . It does have all the necessary drawing tools like Brushes ,colours etc. Let me break it down  , so that you continue to draw “Hassel free” .

Starting sketchBookX- Express


Its the mighty AutoDesk !! I don’t need to tell you how advanced AutoDesk is . From Animation to blending , To VFX everywhere AutoDesk keeps up their Powerful softwares  !!

Working on sketchbookX-Express


Ahh , it’s a bit messy for the first time users . Don’t worry ,It’s not that difficult to use this app . First of all , There’s a Little circle type button on bottom centre of the screen . when you tap on it , it opens a set of useful and unique tools to get your work going . See the image above , it shows you all the tools available . That big circle is the controller for the tools your using . for example – Brush , Eraser .
When you tap on the centre of the circle and swipe Rightwards , It increases the “Size ” and when you swipe it leftwards , It decreases the “Size ” . Just the same principal , Swiping downwards will decrease the “Opacity” and swiping it upwards will increase the value .
At the same time you’ll notice that there’s three more tools popping out  . Two at the top and one at the Right  side . That first one with the icon having a blank white paper along with a blue colour is the Complete “eraser” . It’ll erase the whole drawing and result into a blank page . The second one is the “move tool ” and the one ,on the right side is the “Colour picker” . When you tap on it , A circle appears  , Move the circle to the place of which you want the colour to be used and the colour of your brush will turn into the one , chosen by you .

Moving on to Toolbar . You’ll find options to save your drawings , Choose your brushes , Change the brush colour etc . You can even add 3 more layers for a better drawing experience By tapping at the right corner icon having 3 sheets together. you can import or take a quick snap too .


Then you’ll want to save your masterpiece by tapping on the left top corner . That icon with four blocks .

Isn’t that simple ? We’ll don’t you feel like getting your hands on this Useful drawing app ? You want to? Just Visit Google play store and download this Amazing app and start drawing !! Good luck !! , i hope this was helpful .
Thanks for reading ……
Tutorial by John Daimary


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