Perfect365 For Android


Okay , Now everyone in this world wants to look pretty , Handsome , beautiful . Don’t You ? But not everyone has that . Every second , one uploads their beautiful photographs to Social Networking sites . Don’t u feel jealous seeing their beautiful faces ? Don’t you feel like ” I wished i had that type of face ” ?.  Well don’t worry , Just take time to download ” Perfect 365 ” From play store . This app will let you do all the necessary editing you need to make your photo the best one  . It has lots of adjustments . So , Let’s see what it has got for you  ..

Starting Perfect 365


UI is pretty simple . u can either take an instant photo or just pick one from gallery .
(1) Sample – it has 6 sample photos ( 2 boys & 4 girls ) for you. You can practice your skills on them  .To start off , just choose a sample photo and adjust the key points .

(2) Take Photo – Say Click !! Take a pic ! 

(3) Photo Gallery – You can choose your photographs From your gallery . Just make sure to select a photo , where your face is clear enough so that you can adjust the key points .

(4) My Favourites – The pictures which you save it as Favourites , appears on My favourites . While editing , if you want to add any image to favourite , Just tap on The ♥+ icon on the left top .

(5) Perfect 365 Shop – You can upgrade your app by visiting the store . By default , You can’t save your images more than ” 1 Mega Pixel ” . After Upgrading your app , the number of mega pixel increases upto 16 . So u can have a large sized photos of you .

(6) Rate this app – If you love this app , you can rate it 5 star by visiting ” play store” .

Working on perfect 365
Just click a photo or choose a sample photo to start . Then your photo will be scanned and your face will appear shortly . Then you’ll have to adjust the key points by looking at the right top sample photo. Just tap on a key to move it to the place where it belongs . When you tap on a key , The right photo sample gets a “Red ” coloured key . It shows the Right place where your key needs to be .


There you have it . Now you can beautify your photo .


Now that your adjustments are done , You are now ready to roll !! Just tap on the “edit ” option to use the tools .
(1) Key Points – You can go back to the previous page if you wanna adjust your keys .

(2) Hot Styles -You can add lots of makeup styles like the “Halloween” And all . This is specially for girls .

(3) Skin – You can remove your dark circles ,  Blemishes ,Add brightness , soften your face ,Blush , and add foundation . Just tap on the options and set the number of  amount you want to add .

(4) Face – Through this option , you can slim your face , lift up your cheeks and enhance your Nose .

(5) Eyes – You can add Liners , Adjust your eye colour , Darken your eyebrows and lashes .You can add shadows , Brighten & enlarge your eyes .

(6) Mouth – If you wanna deepen your eye , you can use this tool . Or if you wanna Whiten your teeth . You can even add lipstick for your lips ( This is for Ladies ) . Just pick up your colour and adjust the amount .
To save the photo , tap on the “Floppy disc” shaped icon present on the right top corner .

B/A – This refers to before/After .  you can go back in time to see how your face looked like and then return back to present .

Note – If your tools and adjustments are not working the way it should do , Just go back to the place where you were setting up your “keys” .  And adjust every single key the way it has been shown on the sample photo . This app is the Android version .

Yeah!! It does have lots of features to beautify our faces but you need to upgrade to export your images in more then just 1 Mega Pixels . Here are some pros and cons :-
Pros –
(1) It has lots of useful tools & adjustments  .
(2) great App for both boys & Girls
(3) Has Wide Range of “Styles” .

Cons –
(1) It’s limited to just 1 Mega Pixels .
(2) Need to Buy a pro version to export more then 1 mega pixels .

That’s it  , It’s all for now . Hope you guyz got something out of it . If you need any help or tutorial , Feel free to share your needs regarding the app . If you have any questions , Feel free to ask . Thank You and Stay Tuned ..

Review by John Daimary .


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