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Viva Video is a mobile video editor which has great features and it’s Free of cost ! You can have a great video editor in your pockets wherever you go . This review is for  the Android version , Downloaded from Play Store .  Let’s see what it’s capable of –

Starting Viva Video



You can capture , Add multiple photos and turn it into a movie , And Edit Videos professionally
but in a simple and easy way . All your videos that are completed goes to my studio .

Working on Viva Video


It has simple and easy user interface . To start off editing , Just click on pro edit and import your videos from gallery.
Add clip – You can add lots of clips from your gallery . Just click on add clip icon and select a video and trim it . Note- All clips must not be more then 5 minutes .
Edit Clip – You can edit your clips manually to get the perfect clip . you can add slow motion , copy , split and delete selected clips.
Theme – This applies a theme on your videos before it is played   .There are lots of themes and you can also download additional themes for free .
Fx – This applies a special effect on your clips . Like Blast , Thunderbolt , Flappy bird , Love , kiss , Angel etc . You can download more FX too.
Filter – You can add filters on your videos using this tool . Some filters are Rain , Blossom , Cloudy etc.
Transition – Transition refers to the style of the way a clip ends and a new clip starts . As usual , there are lots of transition available to use and more transitions can be downloaded too.
Title – You can add texts on your videos displaying your movie name , Editor , Voices by or just your names to keep it as a memory . There are styles like love , Cloud etc . You can enlarge your texts by pinching out and the color of the text can be changed too .
Music – You can add Music on your videos too . There are only 5 music’s available To use  But fortunately you can select unlimited music from your gallery .
Dub – You can record your voices while the video is playing . This is great for uploading tutorials or just having fun .

Saving and Sharing the file


On top of the editing page , you’ll see a share button to save your videos to gallery or directly upload it on YouTube , Facebook or Email it . Exporting takes time …

This is a good video editing app , and it does have lots of features . Lots of filters are also available . I personally use this video editor to edit my homemade videos and it gives a good result . This App is very useful and easy to use .
Below are some positive (+) and negative (-) points –

Positive (+)
1. Its quick and very easy to use
2. Has all the useful features
3. It’s free of cost

Negative (-)
1. It has only 5 pre-installed musics
2. It leaves a watermark on right bottom of the video .

That’s it !! Hope you guyz got something out of it . If you did , then don’t forget to like and share . And if you have any questions or doubts , Feel free to comment . Hope you guyz liked it ! Thank you ! 

And here is another guide on Photoshop .You can also change your background image on adobe Photoshop . But with more Professional Results.


11 thoughts on “Viva Video – Video Editor

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  1. Hi!
    How can i delete the DRAFT i made? I’ve been miserably exploring the app, but can’t really find any button or menu where i can choose to delete the draft.. Only DRAFT and SHARE buttons are shown at the upper right corner of my screen.

    Many thanks in advance.


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