Pixlr Express

Pixlr express is a mobile photo editing app by AutoDesk . It’s quick , and useful for daily snaps . It has lots of texts and filters , So lets begin .

Starting Pixlr Express
As you can see there are options like camera , Photos , Collage and below that you’ll find a circular window displaying fresh phots , Which means when you click a new pic , it gets displayed directly . So it becomes easy & fast to access .


Working on Pixlr Express
Lets start off with the tools . There are lots of useful tools including crop , red eye , heal , contrast, auto fix etc. Below the photo you’ll find the toolbox :
(1) Adjustments – when you click on it , it pops up .it includes tools like crop , red eye, heal , auto fix ,Doodle, brighten , saturation , sharpen , rotate   , smoothing etc.


(2) Effects- like i said , there are lots of effects available for download . There’s also a default effect , which has 25 pre-installed effects . There are 6 more effects sets which can be downloaded for free .

(3) Overlay – Overlay is almost a type of layer for your images , and it does feel like a layer . Whatever , moving on to overlay  , there are 19 Amazing overlays sets including smoke , paper , space etc. that’s great for photo editors . Out of 19 , there’s a default overlay , which has 30 preinstalled overlays . The rest you have to download it.

(4) Borders – You can also add borders for your images ,and it also has 30 preinstalled borders .
There’s 9 more additional sets which can be downloaded as well.

(5) Type – You can also add cool texts to your photos . The default set has 7 text styles , You can download additional 7 sets which has great styles.
You can also change the colour of your texts by clicking on colour option .


(6) Stickers – It also has Stickers (Clip art) but it doesn’t have a default sticker set , So you’ll have to download if you wanna use . There’s 14 sets which can be downloaded.

After editing your photos , you can save it as .PNG or . JPEG format .



You can even doodle if you want . You can use a stylus pen or you can doodle using your fingers too . But fingers aren’t pointed .
The feature which i like about Pixlr Express is that it has an undo/redo option which can be used several times  .  There’s also other photo editing apps which has more features than Pixlr Express .

Below are some positive (+) , negative (-) points :

Positive (+)
1. Its fast , easy and useful app for daily activities.
2. It has a lot number of Overlays, Effects and Stickers too .
3. It has great Fonts .
4. Its Free

Negative (-)
1. Its doesn’t have much professional features .
2. Most of the effects and other overlays needed isn’t pre installed , you’ll have to download it additionally .
3.Its default Fonts are BASIC.
4. Doodle on this app is very difficult.

That’s it , hope you guyz enjoyed it. If you have some questions or doubts feel free to ask… You can comment below and I’ll definitely check those out. Thank you  !!!

Tutorial by John Daimary


3 thoughts on “Pixlr Express

  1. Nice review! I got Procreate because it was half price one day, but I only opened it up once. Have you used it? It seems pretty cool but there’s a lot to it, I think. It will take me awhile to pick it up.


    1. Since you’re a cartoonist , i would highly recommended you PicsArt . It has great Tools , brushes for drawing , Try it out . And I’ve also review it , you can check it out if you want . By the way thank you !

      Liked by 1 person

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