PicsArt is one of the most advanced photo editing App for mobile platforms  . Obviously its Free . Though it might be difficult to use for some peoples , but once you get into it , it’s not gonna disappoint you . On this tutorial I’ll review the app and also teach you how to use the tools .

Starting PicsArt
You’ll almost feel like its a windows app , it has colourful tiles like windows phone . As you can see there’s options like Effect, Camera , collage, Draw and Photo . Theres shop also for downloading extra tools . To start off editing , you can take a new photo using Camera Option or you can select photos from gallery by clicking on Photos option .


Working on PicsArt
Starting off with the Tool option . It has Advanced features like Clone , Free crop , Shape crop , Motion , Stretch, Resize etc.
(1) Clone – you can clone the part of the desired image , like Adobe Photoshop. To clone an image , First Tap on the clone option then select a part of the image . Then touch & press the part of the image and drag it to any side you want . Now You have two Faces in place of one . Lol


(2)Free crop – With this tool you can crop the desired part of the image instead of having Squares or rectangles . For example:- You Have a photo of your own , but you don’t like the background , Then you can use this tool to free crop yourself and then Save it as Clipart . Then open the image where you wanna be , with a cool background . Then click on clipart menu and select your cropped image and drag it where ever you want it to be . If you wanna learn how to change background using PicsArt , you can check out my tutorial How to Change Background

(3)Shape Crop – It Gives you lots of shapes to crop an image . Like stars , Sun , Galaxy , Triangle etc . To use shape crop , Click on shape crop icon and select the type of shape you want to crop with .

(4)Motion – This tool allows you to add special effects on your image . For Example:- You have a Football players photo of kicking the ball . You can add motion on his leg to make it look cool  .
To use motion tool – Click on that motion icon (you’ll see 3 balls lined together ) and select a portion of the image , And drag to it to any side you want  . You’ll have a nice effect on  your image .

(5) Stretch – This tool allows you to stretch your images , resulting in funny photos . There are lots of styles of Stretch Tool which includes Warp, Swirl , Squeeze etc.
To use Stretch tool – Click on squeeze tool icon and select the type of stretch you wanna apply to your images . Then tap on any part of the image and see it getting stretched .


Effects – There’s lots of effects available, it gives your photo a new life . It makes your photos look detailed with a wide range of effects to apply on. PicsArt has amazing effects including FX , Blur , Artistic , Paper , Distort etc.
There’s Corrections also  , including Red eye , Colour eye , Blemish fix etc.


Mask – It is a type of layer for your images , PicsArt calls it MASK  . It also has lots of layers to apply on your images .


Now moving on to DRAW , This is what i like the most . It’s feature packed Tools allow you to doodle , sketch or even create your own masterpiece ! . There are lots of drawing tools , brushes , Text’s etc. But it might be difficult to use  . So I’ll write down the names of the tools and its uses (I’ve marked red so that it becomes easy for you to understand the tools )


Toolbars (portions marked red )
1. First icon represents the colour of the brush or texts .
2. Second tool is the Size , shape , radius , opacity etc. of the brush or eraser.
3. That word “A” goes for texts , you can select your own style.
4. That triangle icon is the shapes , you can use it for your drawings . There are lots of shapes .
5. This is the image + icon , you can add additional images on top of your existing image .
6. Camera icon , It lets you create a camera frame under your images . To use this tool – First click on the icon and then paint a portion of the image (using brush tool ) . That painted part becomes your camera frame .


Now on 7th is the Layers icon . This tool will allow you to add upto 7 more layers on top of your image . It’s a good Tool for designers and artists who likes drawing but a different way .
Below are the tools and its names ( Area which are marked)

1.That bucket applys a colour which u pick on the whole image .


2.Brush icon selects drawing .


3.Eraser icon is used for erasing . You can also choose the size/shape of the eraser .


4. Move tool . You can move the image or zoomin/zoomout by pinching the screen.


5. (+) sign . it is used to add an empty layer or an image on top of the original image .


6. (-) Sign . It is used to reduce or delete the layers .


7. IT is used for coping the same layer .


8. It is used to delete the existing layers .


9.That eye icon is used for displaying the current layer or even shut down the layer .


10. When all of your work is done , you might wanna save it .


There Are lots of stickers also available for use . It has all the necessary tools for making the best photo among others .
PicsArt is one of my best App . It has great tools for drawings , editing etc.
You can also share your images to PicsArt community by signing in using your facebook Acc. Or you can also sign up for PicsArt.
Though its a powerful app , but every app has a disadvantage . below are some positive (+) and some negative (-) points .

Positive (+)
1. Great for drawings
2. Has all the necessary tools
3. It has great effects and stickers
4. You can ” free crop ”

Negative (-)
1. It might be difficult for some peoples to understand the tools

That’s it ! Hope you guyz enjoyed it . don’t forget to comment,  if you have any question or doubt regarding PicsArt , feel free to ask .
Hope this was useful ,,

Tutorial by John Daimary

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