How To Take a Screenshot

Taking a screenshot is easy and is useful too . Its been used for various purposes like uploading a tutorial of a gameplay or teaching how to (tutorial). Reason can be anything.  Think of your Facebook status or it might be the number of friend requests , messages , notifications So that u can have a proof of your daily activities . Though there are different types of devices and different types of OS(Operating Systems) too .

Today I’m gonna teach you how to take a screenshot on mobile (android) , and on PC (windows) .

1. Taking a screenshot (Mobile)
There are different types of mobile , different brands, different OS too. My tutorial will be based on Android devices .
So to take a screenshot follow these steps :
(1) Choose the type of scene you want to take a screenshot of, example : if u wanna take a screenshot of your icons or home page , just be in the page .
(2) Press & hold Lock/unlock button together with volume down button .
(3) Now wait for 2 Secs and your Screenshot is done . on the notification bar you’ll see “Saving screenshot” . then later you can view it on gallery .


Note: on Samsung phones you’ll to have hold and press Lock/unlock button along with home button .Then just wait for 2 secs and your screenshot is ready .

Tip: For those phones where these methods aren’t supported , You can download “Screenshot apps ” available on the “Play Store” . There are a lot of apps available.

2. Taking a screenshot (windows PC)
Taking a screenshot on a Windows PC is easy but you don’t get any notification that your screenshots are taken .
Follow these steps :
(1) Just be on the desired page of which you wanna take a screenshot of .
(2) Press the “Print screen” button on the right side of your keyboard . Some keyboards are written in short like    “Prnt Scrn”.when you press the button , You’ll see a slightly blink on your screen that means that your screenshot is taken but it isn’t Saved yet .


(3) Now open MS Paint and press & hold  “control + V ” (that’s the shortcut of paste) .you’ll see that the image has been displayed.

Ms paint

(4) Save the file . Now your screenshots can be viewed and its saved .
Note: You can take only One screenshot a time . Before taking another screenshots make sure to  save the first one .

Good Luck !
I hope this was helpful .
Tutorial by John Daimary


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