PicsArt tutorial #1 – How to Change background

So now lets learn how to change background in PicsArt . I’ve already  reviewed this app , if you haven’t read it , you can check it out here PicsArt review . Step – 1 Choose the image of which you don’t like the background or wanna change it . I’ve chosen Hayley Williams for this . You can choose any image you want. Step – 2 Now choose a background for your image . I’ve chose this green, white background . Step – 3 Now open PicsArt and go to Tools >Free crop . Now using you finger , … Continue reading PicsArt tutorial #1 – How to Change background

Viva Video – Video Editor

Viva Video is a mobile video editor which has great features and it’s Free of cost ! You can have a great video editor in your pockets wherever you go . This review is for  the Android version , Downloaded from Play Store .  Let’s see what it’s capable of – Starting Viva Video You can capture , Add multiple photos and turn it into a movie , And Edit Videos professionally but in a simple and easy way . All your videos that are completed goes to my studio . Working on Viva Video It has simple and easy … Continue reading Viva Video – Video Editor


PicsArt is one of the most advanced photo editing App for mobile platforms  . Obviously its Free . Though it might be difficult to use for some peoples , but once you get into it , it’s not gonna disappoint you . On this tutorial I’ll review the app and also teach you how to use the tools . Starting PicsArt You’ll almost feel like its a windows app , it has colourful tiles like windows phone . As you can see there’s options like Effect, Camera , collage, Draw and Photo . Theres shop also for downloading extra tools … Continue reading PicsArt

Pixlr Express

Pixlr express is a mobile photo editing app by AutoDesk . It’s quick , and useful for daily snaps . It has lots of texts and filters , So lets begin . Starting Pixlr Express As you can see there are options like camera , Photos , Collage and below that you’ll find a circular window displaying fresh phots , Which means when you click a new pic , it gets displayed directly . So it becomes easy & fast to access . Working on Pixlr Express Lets start off with the tools . There are lots of useful tools … Continue reading Pixlr Express

How To Take a Screenshot

Taking a screenshot is easy and is useful too . Its been used for various purposes like uploading a tutorial of a gameplay or teaching how to (tutorial). Reason can be anything.  Think of your Facebook status or it might be the number of friend requests , messages , notifications So that u can have a proof of your daily activities . Though there are different types of devices and different types of OS(Operating Systems) too . Today I’m gonna teach you how to take a screenshot on mobile (android) , and on PC (windows) . 1. Taking a screenshot … Continue reading How To Take a Screenshot